Van Der Hagen TWIST Adjustable Safety Razor Siver 5 Blades + Shave Butter sample

Van der Hagen TWIST Adjustable Safety Razor with 5 blades + .36 Ounce Shave Butter Sample

Single blade safety razors cut the hair at surface level instead of taking off a top layer of your skin, which helps reduce bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation. Use the twist handle to set blade exposure from levels 1 to 6. Level 1 is a mild shave and is ideal for fine hair or sensitive skin. Level 6 is an aggressive shave for tough, coarse hair. The simple snap top helps keep your level setting preference when changing blades.

Matte design and silver coating for a sleek style.

About van der Hagen

More than a century ago, a time before the hoity-toity gel-to-foam shave creams in a can, in an era where all a man needed was a high-quality shave brush and frothy shave soap in a bowl to catch a dame’s attention, Pappy van der Hagen and his family moved from Lith, Holland to the “land of opportunity:" America. It was here, the spirit of van der Hagen Enterprises was born and here, where it continues to thrive.

Today, van der Hagen Enterprises is the world's premier manufacturer for shaving tools. Men nationwide are getting back to their roots, thanks to the brand's boar and badger bristle shave brushes, pure, kettle processed shave soaps, ceramic shave bowls, post-shave balm and lotion, scrubs, and more. However, van der Hagen Enterprises’ back-to-basics, retro-inspired shave products are not for quirks, but for functionality. Each product is made from the purest ingredients and designed to deliver the closest, most cushioned and clean shave possible.

Like a fine scotch, van der Hagen's shave soaps are handmade, batch by batch. Combining the tried-and-true method of kettle processing with modern, ultra-pure ingredients, van der Hagen's shave soaps won't clog pores or blades, and they offer a superior razor glide. Their premium shave brushes offer gentle, exfoliating application, while their monogrammed ceramic bowl brings efficiency and class. No, there are no gimmicks here, just effective, quality products at an affordable price.

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