THRICE Vision Multi-Focus Progressive Reading Glass Teacup Metal & Nylon combo

THRICE VISION Progressive Reading Glasses represent the most recent development in reading glass technology.  THRICE VISION lenses have 3 focal points:  Reading (about 12-14 inches), Computer Screen (approx. 24 inches), and Across the Desk (approx. 48 to 72 inches).  This is a great design for reading glass users so you do not have to take off your readers or look over the top edge etc. while using across a range of situations. 

TO SELECT, SIMPLY CHOOSE YOUR NORMAL READING GLASS POWER!  This is the power you would normally use for reading a newspaper or your cell phone.  The range moves a total of 0.50 power from the bottom to the top of the lens (see graphic).


FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED!  FREE CLEANING CLOTH INCLUDED!  We gladly help you with exchanges and we accept returns within 30 days.  We are 30 year experts in the eyewear industry and we are here to help!  Feel free to ask questions!  Also, check out our store for other unique eyewear items like night driving glasses, computer glasses, readers and more.

*It may seem obvious to say this, but these are NOT for distance use like driving.  Please see the graphic in the images to understand there is magnification across the entire lens.

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