OTG GLARE-X40 Computer Over-Glasses Reduce Blue Light & Eye Fatigue Black

Focus Anti-Glare Optics by Envision Eyewear.  Blue light reducing lenses helps reduce eye fatigue, and sharpens contrast while using computer.
Helps reduce Circadian sleep cycle issues related to excess blue light coming from CFL, Fluorescent, and LED bulbs that are everywhere in our
lives now.  Blue light is also coming from LED TV's. tablets, smartphones, laptops and computer screens.  This OTG Over-the-Glasses frame fits
people with up to 63mm Pupillary Distance (PD) for wearing over your prescription eyeglasses.  Optical frame sizes can vary so please don't hesitate to ask questions.
This is about a Medium-large.  Also works great without prescription eyewear to protect from overhead light.

what are the health benefits of focus anti-glare eyeglasses?

Recently there are numerous reports and information coming to light about the effect of Blue Light sources on our eye health.  Excess blue light can cause numerous eye health issues, and in addition cause difficulty with getting quality sleep.  Many companies are offering glare blocking guards for tablets and computer screens, and optical companies are offering anti-glare coatings and lenses for prescription that also help filter out the excess blue light.  Here at Envision Eyewear we are offering our new collection of FOCUS ANTI-GLARE OPTICS which encompass several eyewear products that are non-prescription reading glasses, OTG Over-The-Glass eyewear that fits over prescription eyewear, and last but not least what we call "indoor eyewear" (also known as computer glasses) for using while watching LED TV's, or using tablets, computers, cell phones.  These are great for using in your office under fluorescent lighting, or in your home where CFL bulbs are now being installed. 
UV light begins at 400 nanometers and above (smaller wavelength number = faster wavelength and more dangerous).  Blue light is very intense and just inside our visible spectrum.  This chart shows how LED, CFL & Fluorescent sources deliver a heavy dose of blue light.
Black Line = Human visible light spectrum. Purple Line = Typical LED lighting output spectrum. Blue Line = CFL and fluorescent typical output spectrum. Green Line = Incandescent typical output spectrum.
This chart illustrates how blue light rich LED light sources are nearly identical to our Circadian Rhythm sensitivity.  This means that excess blue light during the evening hours can make it difficult to fall asleep, and in some cases have a very negative affect on sleep cycles.
Dotted Line = Circadian Sensitivity range. Black Line = LED typical output. Grey Line = Human visible light range.

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